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how we work

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Technology is in all of our daily lives.

It should make goals easier to achieve, not more difficult, right?

To drive success for our clients, all of us in oomph need to get the difference between technology-powered marketing and gadget bling. So whoever you talk to:

Will know what we are doing with you and why.

Meeting your objectives is our success.

Will know how and why everyone does their job.

No ivory towers or oily rags.

Will use technology to make ours and our clients lives easier.

From time management to creative development.

Will be smart thinkers who get technology-powered marketing.

Their core skills will be broad, and their expertise industry leading

Wanna job?

If this sounds like your thing and maybe you'd like to be part of oomph then check this next bit: Your expertise (and it will be that) might be consulting, project management, media, account management, seo, creative, social or technology development. You'll know digital inside out, you'll probably tweet and follow and link at home and at work. As well as leading the line in your core skill, you'll be comfortable extending your repertoire as a collaborative part of a team and saying 'no' more times than 'yes'...

...only because you know a better way.

If you're still reading with a smile then email and explain briefly why you'd fit.