Pelagian wanted to ensure its subsea engineering credentials appealed to the new world cable system builders.

Commissioning systems was moving from nation-state and telco sponsors to the mega-techs of Google, Facebook and Amazon.









Digital Business 


The Thought


Engineering a Connected World



Positioning, website build, app development, content creation



We did

Market evaluation, brand planning, strap-line development, website, international conference event stand and white paper development.


We created a new positioning for Pelagian to engage earlier with projects at system commissioning stage. After a strategic evaluation, we designed a new digital and conference presence for events in Hamburg, Singapore, Hawaii, Capetown and Marseilles. We then added white paper content distributed as a presentation to the  International trade body, ICPC, on the changing nature of the business for all stakeholders.

For Pelagian global customers, the experience had to represent serious technical credibility.

We created

The first open to market, fully functioning global permitting database.