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Acquisition for app sign ups

With social betting on the rise, apps becoming ubiquitous, day to day parts of peoples lives, and the incredible success of the English Premier League and The Champions League, all the major players in mainstream media were looking at monetisation of these business areas. The Mirror had an already successfull football app and oomph were asked to run the Insight Accelerator to develop a set of pen portraits for their users. These pen portraits would help guide a strategic growth plan in terms of sign ups, game play and monetisation, and then support execution whilst a Marketing Director was recruited.

oomph worked alongside the marketing and media teams, conceiving messaging and propositons and developing a Trinity Mirror media schedule, supported by a social media distribution plan with the internal team. With a dashboard bringing all the performance analytics together across channels, and a portfolio of digital advertising assets created, oomph handed over a complete package to the new Marketing Director, which was already delivering great success in innovative location-based push messaging.

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