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Start-up, scale up or grown-up ?

Whilst they don’t come much more grown up than 10-year old data-driven marketing agency Blueberry Wave, this was a scale-up project.  When Pamela Bath and Steve Schneekloth founded Blueberry Wave in 2002, they already had more than 20 years experience in the data world between them.  The company had been highly successful in its early years but after weathering the recession, needed revitalising - like many of us. Their offer was mirrored by many in their space, even though the agency still had long-standing customer relationships and award-winning work.

How did we help them grow ?

This is a perfect example of how redeveloping a proposition can energise an entire company. Oomph ran the Insight Accelerator Programme and found their was little differentiation in a market characterised by product focus and jargon. We also found that potential clients had heard that ‘big data’ was about to transform business but had no idea how, why or when.  Blueberry Wave’s success had always been based on a consultative approach which often involved a high level of client education about data and its potential. So, marrying client needs with the core Blueberry Wave offer, we devised the proposition ‘making the complex simple’. This clear focus on essential client benefits solved the differentiation problem and helped clarify the company’s core purpose.

Technology powered marketing ?

At the heart of the new strategy is a completely redesigned, SEO optimised website formatted to work across desktop and mobile devices.  Driving traffic to the site is a comprehensive content and social media strategy involving the creation of blogs and white papers and daily Twitter and LinkedIn activity. In the first six months on Twitter alone, potential impressions for The Blueberry Wave content reached over 250,000 from a standing start.

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