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B2C customer acquisition campaign

start-up or grown-up?

As a grown-up financial services business, The Co-operative Insurance wanted to start-up in the pet insurance sector, where they were faced with stiff competition from some very well known brands. We were asked to develop an online media plan to sell this product to pet owners wanting a mid-priced policy, giving them comprehensive cover for their pets.

how did we help them grow?

The average premium for this product is around £5 per month, which meant the cost to acquire new customers was a critical limiting factor for the type of online activity we could deploy. We managed to drive the CPA down with a launch campaign using a combination of paid search, content affiliates and 118 118 advertising. Result – cost effective sales and a growing business.

and the technology driven marketing bit?

Callers using 118 118 to request the telephone number of a pet insurance provider, or for a vet, kennels/cattery or pet shop number, would receive a text ad on their SMS follow up message from 118 118 for The Co-operative Pet Insurance offer.

Established personal finance and pet enthusiast affiliates were paid a commission for sales they generated for The Co-operative Pet Insurance following a visit to the affiliate’s site – this provided a controlled cost to acquire, and put The Co-operative right at the heart of the pet insurance provider market.