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Brand identity, website for launch

start-up, scale-up or grown-up?

Candidate Channel are definitely a start-up. A fixed-fee recruitment agency with a unique free insurance offer and a clever search tool called SmartSort which can select candidates intelligently, allowing accurate shortlists to be create quickly and effectively. Their goal is to rock the boat in the recruitment market.

how did we help them grow?

In an all already busy market, Candidate Channel needed to shake it up. We were asked to design an identity including logo, strapline and website to highlight the different service that Candidate Channel offered. Targeting SMEs who are looking to hire functional managers and business support execs, the brand needed to inspire confidence in hirers and applicants, make their life easy and stand out amongst all the other search driven agencies.

and the technology driven marketing bit?

We built the site using Silverstripe (which we like), allowing for client management of content – so far so good – and integrated it with Candidate Channel’s external database system which stores and sorts CVs and jobs. This means SmartSort works, saves CC time and money and gets filtered candidates to clients in record time. Rocking.

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