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Bringing insight and clarity to HNWI marketing

Gravity London needed a way of assessing the new approach to advertising one of their clients, a global investment bank, had taken. The challenge to oomph was to find enough of the right people to respond to the testing, and then provide strong, valid feedback on the adverts.

Oomph deployed the research engine, Decision Juice, to collect qualitative data from 200 high net worth individuals. By collecting qualitative data, and using quantitative methods for analysis, we were able to find significant differences in response between those with higher and lower investment pots. For example, those with large investment pots were only interested in specific measurable results, whilst those with lower amounts enjoyed the playful nature of the adverts and the copy.

The research was so effective that we were able to deliver clarity regarding specific changes that the investment bank needed to make if they wanted to find traction with different kinds and sizes of investors.

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