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Donor acquisition for famine appeal

start-up or grown-up?

We all know grown-up Oxfam! In May 1942, The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief met for the first time. Their purpose was to persuade the British Government to allow famine relief through the Allied naval blockades to Greece. Today, they still carry out their charity work growing to 5,955 employees worldwide with programmes in over 70 countries. They are now known as ‘Oxfam’.

how did we help them grow?

Following an escalation of the East African Famine aid requirements in early July, oomph approached the Oxfam donor appeals team with an idea to raise funds to coincide with anticipated press and broadcast media coverage of the crisis during July.

The media execution needed to be turned around within 36-hours whilst the media coverage was at its peak, with the option to extend whilst coverage of the crisis remained in the headlines. Fundraising appeals have a very short shelf life, directly linked to their media prominence – we did not know how long the story would stay in the news.
The outlay for Oxfam was less than £5,000, the campaign went live within 24 hours and achieved a positive payback on the investment i.e. a net contribution towards the appeal

and the technology-powered marketing?

Callers to 118 118, asking for a non-named charity telephone number, were made aware of the Oxfam appeal for the East African famine victims by the operator, who followed up with a text message, reinforcing the appeal and the text or telephone number to use, to make an instant donation.

Over 60,000 text messages were broadcast during a 2-week period and 340 callers were connected directly with the fundraising team at Oxfam, after learning about the appeal.

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