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Global outsourced customer and product marketing

start-up, scale-up or grown-up?

Nivio was a developing start-up with VC backing when we engaged in 2009. A unique online desktop that allows you to run Windows from any device anywhere, its ambitions were global and its development house in Delhi. Their goal was to liberate the world from the tied cost and physical locations of computers.

how did we help them grow?

We agreed a mix of cash and equity for out fee and provided the whole outsourced marketing team back in the UK, and a CMO to support their growth through markets in Australia, Europe and the US. We developed the brand and proposition, rolled out campaigns online and at worldwide events and designed a new product interface. When we handed over to a permanent team in 2012, they were 10 times the size and has launched in the US.

and the technology-powered marketing bit?

It was all about technology. Nivio was full of amazing technicians using agile methods to create prototypes and deliver on a weekly basis. Our marketing had to keep up using social and web based tools and we had to use online interactivity to run meetings across 24/7 time zones. Non-stop energy needed!

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