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Not for profit relaunch and tone of voice

Readathon have had years of success providing help to children in hospitals whilst encouraging reading in schools throughout the UK - an amazing win-win! They came to oomph with a need to push their services to schools further into the digital world to make it easier to commission and run Readathons. The objective being to raise more funds from more schools doing Readathons to help children in hospitals.

Oomph had an initial express objective to prepare a new site for launch in time for a new school term with a CRM platform sat behind it, ready to wind up the logistics and processes to a new level. We also spent some time enabling the super-committed Readathon team with a set of productivity tools from project management to web based collaboration.

Deadlines were hit, content was created and a new tone of voice developed - all in the interest of making it easier and more fun for teachers, pupils and parents to engage in their Readathon.

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