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Overseeing integration of digital team

The Co-operative Group was a grown-up business and their financial services operations  had many innovations - including Smile Bank. But the online marketing offer outside of Smile sat seperately from the marketing team. How to integrate was the question?

oomph were asked to oversee the executive management of the transformation, including liaising with trades union who had a signficant role to play. The change, as is often the case, included consolidation of some responsibilities with changing jobs and terms for some colleagues and the development of processes to bring online and offline activity together into a single marketing plan.

It took nine months overall, including the hiring of a head of eBusiness, reporting into marketing, and oomph were then asked to deploy their open-source marketing model to fill the skills gaps that existed across the team. We deployed an interim online marketing head and provided all online media buying and planning over the next four years until that was consolidated as the Co-operative Group merged their operations.

oomph's model means that the exit should be as smooth to manage as the engagement.