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Storytelling website with animation

start-up or grown-up?

Having been around since the 19th Century, The Co-operative Financial Services is very grown up. But there is a start-up mentality to their ‘good with’ branding that needed to build on the green, responsible, ethical and eco-friendly credentials to bring in a financial value dimension.

how did we help them grow?

The brief was to redevelop their ‘Good with Money’ brand website. Finding a balance between their two sides; responsible with your money and responsible with the world, was at the heart of the website concept which showed the two sides of The Co-operative Financial Services’ coin.

Initial site activity saw traffic 50% higher, dwell time in targeted areas of the site significantly higher. We also helped grow real sales, which we were able to identify from tracked activity through to the product site.

and the technology driven marketing bit?

We produced a very rich and highly detailed interactive 3D animation on the home page, which demonstrated the clarity of this strategic thought. This was backed up with a pragmatic information architecture and navigation that holds complex but usable content without detracting from CFS’ ethical credentials. The site was built with a content management system, which enabled all content, elements of the site structure and animation to be edited by CFS, deployed using Silverstripe (which we really like).

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