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Using digital to drive new engagement

Police Mutual are a longstanding Mutual organisation, providing financial services to members of the Police Force. However, their remit also includes retired police officers and family members of Police Officers. They were not accessing as many of the family members as the data suggested they should be accessing; awareness was low.

The first task was to overhaul a specific product - the Options ISA. We undertook a UX analysis which tracked through the user journey of purchasing a new ISA with Police Mutual. Following success in this project, we provided regular on-site advice on their digital strategy; contributing to overall customer recruitment strategy, negotiating with suppliers and pushing digital understanding across the organisation.

Ongoing work with Police Mutual means delivering a major upgrade to their CMS system. A move from a much older version of umbraco, the CMS system, to the current one, is a major step. The gap between the two versions is so wide the upgrade cannot be automated. This means a carefully planned, manual move of all site content and functionality.

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